Initial Book Title and File Set-Up


Initial Book Title and Set-Up Fee is per book type and title. Not only does this include the new file set-up, but automatically comes with your own Author page on our website, Pre-flight services to get the file print-ready, color adjustment for book interiors and covers for printed books (if needed), and a thorough interior formatting review to make sure your book files fit the rigorous inspection specifications of our printer.

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Initial set-up fee for setting your book up for printing is a one-time fee per book type of one of three different types: hardcover, paperback and/or eBook. This fee also includes pre-flight and check-up service (a $47 value), in which we check over your entire document interior and cover to make sure it is print-ready. We want to help make sure that your book will pass the rigorous inspection the first time. This is actually done by real human beings and not by a computer or machine so that the file will be less likely to be rejected by the printer (a common occurrence for some POD companies). We will offer any needed suggestions (if any) to make your book better.

Once a book title has gone live, if there are any revisions to be made the entire process (and cost) must be repeated, because revised digital files are just like being a whole brand new book. Once a book file is in the system it is there to stay, and no more set-up is required. (We do offer a discount on revised set-up, as  the pre-flight process has usually been completed.) Once you pay your set-up fee, you upload your book document file and its cover file as two separate files. Be sure that everything required had been done and your book is ready for print. The set-up fee is per book title and per format. An e-Book is separate from a physical paperback or hardcover book. A hardcover edition will have a differently sized cover from a paperback book. Each physical book type must have its own ISBN number, and is a requirement in order to make the cover.

Before it can be distributed and sold, you should order a proof copy (at cost plus shipping and handling). Once you approve your proof copy, we will make the book available for sale. Every new author who prints a book with us receives a free Author page complete with bio, a picture if desired, and includes cover pictures and a synopsis of each book that the author has written, regardless of the publisher.