Hebrew Fonts

Using Fonts

Perhaps one of the most important things about a book is the font you choose to use for the bulk of your text. For the “body” or main text of your book, it is highly recommended to use a plain, easy-to-read font such as Times New Roman Extended (our recommendation). Many of these fonts are found installed on your computer already. Below are samples of good fonts for body text.

The nice thing about choosing these readily available fonts is that they should be able to be used for e-Books. E-Books are limited in the types of fonts that will display, and are entirely dependent upon the e-reader that is used. Another good thing is that the e-Book will be closer to the print book in appearance when the same fonts are used. When added in bold, italic or underlined, they look very nice for title and chapter pages in e-readers.

Below are samples of 7 fonts normally found on computers (depending on the operating system) that contain Hebrew characters when the Hebrew keyboard is switched on. (Click on any sample to enlarge.)

(Click on the link to view the English font samples).

Times New Roman (Unicode) Hebrew

Arial (Unicode) Hebrew

Tahoma (Unicode) Hebrew

Segoe UI (Unicode) Hebrew

Lucids Sans (Unicode) Hebrew

Calibri (Unicode) Hebrew

Courier (Unicode) Hebrew

Themed Hebrew Fonts Package for Download

Below are samples of 39 fonts. They are open-source and permitted for commercial use, something rather hard to find for Hebrew fonts. They vary in style, and are grouped according to kind. Some have variations within them, such as bold, italic, or a curved lamed. You can use them for cover titles, chapter and title pages, and drop caps.

Choose one or two fonts for headings and body text, and one main style for title and chapter pages. Drop caps can be different if desired. The most important thing is to use the same fonts consistently throughout your book.

Below are samples of the fonts in our Hebrew Fonts Pack, which we offer in a zipped download for just $1.54! (Click on any sample to enlarge.)

Handwriting Scripts

Rashi Script Samples

Dorian CLM

Script Fonts

Kids Style Fonts

Comic Style Fonts

Miriam Mono


Sefer Stam

Shlomo Stam


Makabi YG




Taamey Frank





Commercial Fonts

Advertising Fonts

Stylized Fonts

Horev CLM

Linux Biolinum

Linux Biolinum Keyboard