Alice E. Wright

Trainer, instructor, breeder and author, Alice E. Wright has been involved with purebred cats all her life. Her professional involvement started in the mid 1980s when she began breeding and exhibiting, Maine Coons, Siamese, Oriental Shorthairs, Colorpoint Shorthairs, and a Japanese Bobtail.

In 1992 she began her love affair with the Siberian Cat and she has dedicated herself to the breed’s preservation and improvement. Her cattery, “Kender”, is one of the first names in the breed and has produced many of the top winning and producing Siberians in the US. She is a long time champion of the Siberian breed, and the last original importer.Alice has over a decade of experience as a veterinary assistant and pet nutritionist. She has been actively involved in dog training and handling. Alice Wright has several published articles that have received international interest. Alice currently resides in Arizona with her husband, 2 children, German Shepherd dogs and Siberian Cats.

The Siberian Cat

The Siberian Cat

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