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Tovim Press, LLC (Parent company) specializes in Jewish books, primarily from an Orthodox Jewish perspective, that is, in line with the Torah and the Oral Tradition. Tovim Press welcomes material from anyone, not just rabbis or well-known authors, but lay-people as well. We publish new authors, “indie” (independent) self-publishing authors, and/or established authors. Tovim Press subjects can range from Halacha with sources, Jewish life, kosher cookbooks, siddurimChumashim divrei Torah, and drashot, or stories in fiction or non-fiction, reference books, and more. 

Picky Press (our Imprint) specializes in a general, more family-friendly audience, and as you may guess from the logo, we love books about animals and pets, but we publish any subject or genre as long as it fits with our terms and conditions. Picky Press book subjects can be much broader, including guidebooks,  stories in fiction or non-fiction, reference, autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, family-trees, children’s or teen books, collections of speeches poetry, and most any other genre you can think of.

We can publish any book as long as it fits within the following terms:

1. Works must NOT contain vulgar language or profanity (with the possible exception of quotes or other explicatory phrases depending on the situation), and under NO circumstances will any racially slanderous, or offensive material of any kind be permitted. Pictures, artwork, photographs, or other graphics may NOT contain any pornography or explicit poses, violence, abuse or gore. Pictured people should ideally be dressed in a modest and/or non-revealing fashion.

2. Not all works need to be of a religious nature, as we realize that there are many other facets of life. However, works not involving a Jewish theme or subject, should ideally relate a positive message and can be published under Picky Press. Historical works based on facts are of a different nature and may possibly deviate from these terms within reason, and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Halachic works under Tovim Press should ideally contain sources and/or approbations from rabbis or organizations.

3. Works under Tovim Press must not contain promotion of religious beliefs contrary to the Torah, such as “messianic” Judaism or other polytheism, nor may it contain any heretical beliefs, anti-semitic rhetoric, or anti-Jewish propaganda. Topics that we do not accept are (religion for Picky Press), politics, slander, gossip, violence, propaganda, and hatred of any kind. We are all about positivity, and not being offensive.

4. For Tovim Press, in order to have a title of "Rabbi" as part of an author name, one must have received s'micha from an Orthodox institution. Rabbis from other Jewish movements are welcome to publish without a title, but all material must meet terms 1-3. Orthodox rabbis may choose to omit their title of "Rabbi" in their author name if they prefer to do so.

5. Tovim Press, LLC reserves the right to reject any work not adhering to the above terms, and/or to refer the work to our imprint Picky Press for non-religious books. We ask that you please cooperate with our terms.

Last Modified: July 8, 2021

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